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16 July
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I'm never quite sure what to say for these type of things, probably because sometimes I feel that I have too many interests to be contained in a mere profile or paragraph, let alone be contained in my life. :-P I guess I could try and encapsulate random facts into a few sentences though.

My lj name is Mai Kaihua, 開花 / Kaihua being chinese for, "Flower Blossom." (I speak Chinese and a little Japanese, although I have a lot of grammatical issues and am far too shy to speak it with other people, much to my detriment.) My actual Chinese name is 葛凯林 / Ge Kailin - and no that's not the right, "lin" at the end there, but I can't find the correct character on the computer - meaning, "Triumphant Gem," but I chose to use my sister's Chinese name instead, because it happens to be the name of an original character I'm writing of in several of my stories, both fan fiction and original fiction. As you can see by the previous sentence, I like to write haha.

I'm also more than interested in music and film. Hopefully sometime I'll start up a band, although that hasn't happened as of yet. I like to play anything with strings and sing my lungs out though, so we'll see. My films have yet to get more off the ground for the simple fact that I don't have a camera yet, but that too shall change, hopefully. I have two jobs - one at a dirty, dusty warehouse for a shipping facility, and one in a store in the mall which sells a plethora of lotions and bath-related products. The amusing juxtaposition of both jobs is probably what saves me from being too bored or frustrated with them haha. (Well, they still frustrate me. But isn't everyone's job is frustrating?)

Anyway. I'm Australian and American, and even though I'm less than 100 pounds I could eat a Thanksgiving feast-size meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love food haha. I'm not entirely sure what else to say for this, but if anything else pops into my head I shall add it later. For now, here's a random and generic chinese bio:

你们好! 我叫葛凯林. 我二十岁了. 我是美国人, 我也是澳大利亚国人. 我有三个兄弟姐妹. 我姐姐二十四岁了. 我大妹妹(?) 十八岁了, 和 我小妹妹五岁了. 我家有两个猫子. 我喜欢游泳. 我也喜欢 音乐. 我爱中文! 这个传略没有意思! 哈哈.

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